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Welcome to the trial version of the Ship Sanitation Inspection Database Information System.

SHIPSAN TRAINET is a European project funded by the General Directorate for Health and Consumers of the European Commission. It involves 12 associated partners in 11 European countries and 24 collaborating partners including international organisations, professional associations and passenger shipping companies.

This database information system arises from the project EU SHIPSAN TRAINET which has received funding from the European Union, in the framework of the Public Health Programme

The project aims at developing and establishing an EU integrated strategy for safeguarding the health of travellers and crew of passenger ships and for preventing the international and trans-national spread of diseases through ships.
This database is the deliverable No 20 of the SHIPSAN TRAINET project. This software is intended for port health officers and other public health workers in charge of the implementation of the IHR at ports and on ships and specifically for conducting inspection for issuance of the Ship Sanitation Control Exemption Certificate/Ship Sanitation Control Certificate. It is based on the WHO RECOMMENDED PROCEDURES FOR INSPECTION OF SHIPS AND ISSUANCE OF SHIP SANITATION CERTIFICATES.

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Nick Bitsolas
System administrator

University Of Thessaly
22, Papakyriazi str.
Larissa, 41222

 Tel:  0030 2410 565010
 Fax:  0030 2410 565051
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Latest News
Upgraded version of SIS
The SHIPSAN ACT Information System (SIS) has been upgraded and the new version has been released on the 24th of June 2016.

The current version of SSC ( will remain active only for read only access.

For any technical assistance please contact


IT Team

Application Form - Deregistration Form
Every inspector who would like to access and use the EU SHIPSAN TRAINET Ship Sanitation Inspection Database Information System should fill in and send via email or fax the application form to the System Administrator (Mr Nick Bitsolas).

This form should be signed and stamped by the Inspector and his/her Supervisor in order to be valid.

(, Tel.: 00302410565010, Fax:00302410565051,
Address: 22, Papakyriazi str., 41222, Larissa, Greece).

Download the application form (EN)

Κατεβάστε την αίτηση (EL)


The following form should be completed, signed and stamped by the inspector’s supervisor
in order to deregister the inspector from the designated Port Health Authority he/she is assigned to.
This happens when the inspector moves to another Port Health Authority or otherwise leaves
their assigned Port Health Authority.
This form should be sent via email or fax to the System Administrator (Mr Nick Bitsolas) in order to update the
EU SHIPSAN TRAINET Ship Sanitation Inspection Database Information System.

(, Tel.: 00302410565010, Fax:00302410565051)   

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